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Terms & Conditions


The Company: Allard Stoves Ltd
The Client: Person(s) placing the order

The Company will endeavour to obtain sufficient information from the Client and by it's own observations as is necessary to provide a quotation, which is intended to form the basis of contract between the Client and the Company.

The quotation will seek to demonstrate the Company's understanding of the Client's requirements and site conditions as well as advise the Client of the Company's intentions and specific terms.

In providing a quotation the Company will take into consideration all aspects of regulations and manufacturers guidelines relating to the proposed works. The Company will alert the Client prior to submitting a quotation of any deviations considered to be Industry Acceptable that may be necessary in order to complete the installation.

The Company warrant that it will not provide a quotation for nor undertake to carry out any work that it considers impracticable or contrary to acceptable industry standards or regulations.

The quotation will specify any and all guarantees that will be provided by the Company and Manufacturers upon completion of the works and payment in full excepting that the Company cannot accept responsibility for any default by the Manufacturer unless caused by a direct adverse action taken by the Company.

Where an installation requires the Company to install an approved carbon monoxide detector and or suitable external wall ventilation the Client agrees that the Company shall fit these components at the time of the installation as part of the contract.

It is the Customer's responsibility to advise the Company before placing an order of any defect or omission or concern that may have a material affect upon the proposed works or terms or conditions contained in the quotation.

Quotations are normally open for acceptance by the Client within 90 days unless otherwise stated but are subject to revision or withdrawal prior to the acceptance of the order by the Company should external circumstances arise that are beyond the Company's control.

In placing an order with the Company howsoever made the Client agrees to be bound by the Company's terms and conditions. The Company will confirm the order in writing to include electronic mail.

Following the placing of an order the Client has a period of seven days during which they may cancel the order without penalty by providing written notice sent to the Company's registered address.

All variations including negotiated prices whether at the time of placing the order or subsequently at any stage in the progression of the contract must be agreed by both the Client and the Company and confirmed in writing to include electronic mail.

The Company and the Client will agree timescales for the execution of the works at the time the order is placed to provide for completion within no more than six weeks from the order date unless otherwise agreed.

The Company will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any delays in meeting agreed schedules that occur due to any circumstance beyond its control.

Whilst the work is being carried out the Client will provide electricity and water free of charge together the use of washing and toilet facilities if available.

The property in all goods supplied and installed by the Company shall remain with the Company until the Client pays all sums due whether in respect of the contract or otherwise.

Final payment and any agreed interim payments will be due immediately upon completion of each phase of works upon presentation to the Client by the Company of a valid VAT invoice.

The Client will be liable to immediately pay the Company in full if any of the products supplied and or installed by the Company are used prior to full payment being made.

Should the Client delay the scheduling of works they will be liable to immediately pay the Company for any goods in respect of the contract that the Company has taken delivery of.

If the event of any dispute in respect of any payment due the Client shall deliver written notice to include electronic mail to the Company.

Should the Client fail to settle any invoice by the due date, other than for a valid reason, the Company reserve the right to charge interest at 4% above Base Rate from that date.

Should any point in these Terms and Conditions be held to be invalid such invalidation will not affect the validity of the remaining terms.

These Terms and Conditions shall in all respects be construed as an English document and subject to English Law.

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