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uSwitch.com claim energy prices rocket


uSwitch.com recent figures claim energy prices rocketed by 21% last year, which on average was £224 per household. Can burning wood reduce this? The short answer is, in most cases, a resounding yes – and by a fair margin.

Of course there are many other reasons for burning wood. Can any other form of heating equal the sheer delight of watching a living flame which is comforting, relaxing and totally addictive – completely the opposite to lazing back in front of a radiator!

But getting back to the maths, it has to be admitted that there is no exact answer. Seasoned logs, delivered to the door in Kent will cost around £80 to £90 per cubic metre (although it is better to try and buy by weight if possible). This will last about two months for a 5 kW stove and according to the Energy Savings Trust result in about a 20% saving over conventional room heating. Naturally, if you can source wood for free then you will be on a winner – that much is obvious. The one thing you cannot achieve with any other energy source is getting it for nothing!

However, what does not appear to be taken into account is the ability of a wood burner (especially cast iron stoves) to provide heat long after the last log has been placed in the fire. In fact by turning the controls right down, room temperatures can be maintained at a comfortable level for many hours without further fuel being added. Contrasted to any other form of heating this hidden bonus must be worth a great deal.

So what is the payback time on the cost of installing a wood burner? Naturally this is an impossible question to answer. But taking a typical room, which might require a 5 kW stove, then annual savings in the order of £200 are perfectly achievable. Add to this the fact that energy costs are set to rise at an unprecedented rate, whilst log prices will probably only increase in line with inflation, then the answer should be far less than 10 years.

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