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Chimney Lining

We line chimneys throughout Kent

In most situations modern stoves require a lined flue for optimum performance, being designed to operate through a relatively small diameter, typically 150mm (6 inches).

With an open fire averaging 25% efficiency, air is constantly drawn in ensuring that combustion products rise easily up the chimney. Replacing this with a stove operating at around 80% efficiency means the original flue (designed for an open fire) is considerably cooler, hindering the rising emission of gases.

By contrast a lined and insulated flue of the correct diameter will maintain sufficient temperature. Discharging combustion products without hindrance avoids a build up of unacceptable tar levels and condensation.

Lining a flue for wood and multi fuel stoves

Existing masonry chimneys are lined with flexible double skinned stainless steel tubing, inserted into the flue from the top. This is fixed to the chimney and capped with a bird and rain guard. At the bottom the liner is clamped to an adapter, which in turn is fixed to a register plate. The register plate is made from galvanised steel sheet, which seals the flue from the fireplace. A rigid flue pipe from the stove is married to the liner from underneath, through the adapter.

Flexible liners come in two grades, 316 being the standard and a higher grade 904, which is suitable for the extreme conditions of coal based solid fuel. Both are made from two skins of stainless steel, the outer being corrugated and the inner smooth. This gives high crush-proof outer resistance with a smooth internal surface that can resist corrosion, aid condensation drain down and provide for ease of sweeping.

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